Friends Of KRRT Meeting – January 9, 2017

Board Members present:
Dan Albert, Bill Allen, Chris Cart, Lesley Jones
Andy Hendrickson, Sarah Dunckel, Duane Scott
Brad Howard, Mark Young, Jen Cart

Secretary’s Report

The Board approved the minutes from our last meeting. We decided to post the minutes from our monthly meetings on the web site.

Lesley has closed the Camden National Bank account.

We have not received all the money promised from sponsors of the 2016 races.

Board of Supervisors

The drainage problem on the Capital Connector has been fixed.

Augusta sanded the trail after a recent storm.

Plans for 2017 include tree work, and the removal of wooden fencing.

A future plan is to pave the Augusta section of the trail, but it will be an expensive project.

One of our annual expenses is plowing the trail, but there are more people on the trail in Augusta than there are between Greenville Street and Farmingdale. Chris will post something online, asking if people want us to plow the entire trail.


The race committee met last month. Registration information has already been posted. Top finishers will receive sneakers.

Several vendors are planning to set up stalls in the Maine Housing parking lot, where the race ends. An Age Friendly group will be selling macaroni and cheese at their table.


We have not had a membership drive for 2 years, and it would be easier to make an annual appeal.

If we decide not to be a membership organization, we should update our bylaws to reflect the change. We voted to ask Mike Seitzinger to draft a new set of bylaws.

Lesley and Jim have been making a list of projects, to assess our needs.
We can use the list to establish a set of goals for the annual appeal, or a membership drive.

Chris has a mailing list, which he sent to Mike Seitzinger.

Next meeting, February 6