The Kennebec River Rail Trail NEEDS your help!!

The Kennebec River Rail Trail is operated and maintained by:

  • Kennebec River Rail Trail Board of Supervisors,
  • Volunteers
  • Friends of KRRT
  • The municipalities of Augusta, Hallowell, Farmingdale and Gardiner, through which the trail passes
  • Donations from groups holding fundraisers on the trail

The rate of support currently being provided is simply not enough, especially given the trail is pushing 20 years old.  Over the ensuing years a significant amount of investment will be necessary and critical to ensure the trail is here for everyone, including the various groups reaping a direct benefit from the trail’s existence through fundraisers held on the trail.

The Kennebec River Rail Trail Board of Supervisors does NOT currently require a fee for using the trail. Instead, we are appealing to ALL groups using the trail to make a donation to the Friends of KRRT. Let it be known, all funds raised in this manner by the Friends are used solely for the trail’s upkeep and maintenance. 

Please refer to the suggested level of donation below. We have based the donation levels on the amount anticipated to be raised in your event. Your donation is on the honor system. We trust you are interested, as we are, in maintaining the trail for years to come.

Your donation to the trail insures not only that the trail will remain in good repair and available for future fundraisers, it also preserves this great recreational resource enjoyed by a multitude of visitors and locals every day, year-round.

Your support is greatly appreciated. Recommended Donation Levels:

  • Less than $1,000.00                =        $50 – $100.00
  • $1,001.00 -$2,500.00                =      $100.00 – $250.00
  • $2,501.00 – $5,000.00                =      $250.00 – $500.00
  • Greater than $5,000.00                =      $500.00