Rail Trail Race Rules and Important Items to Know

1. The course is laid out specifically for the safety of the runners, if any participant deviates from the course, that runner may be disqualified.

2. Course Monitors will be warning the public that the race is in progress. Please pay attention to course monitors and treat them with respect. They are there for your benefit.

3. The course begins at Front Street in Augusta, and heads up the hill on the new start of the trail. From there you will pass under the Memorial Bridge, and continue onto the rail trail and head for Hallowell. In Hallowell, take a left onto Water St and run through town, and you will enter back onto the trail at mile 3. There are 2 sections of the course where you will cross through traffic in Hallowell: at Mile 3 and at Greenville St. at Mile 3.25. Police will be stopping traffic at Mile 3 and course monitors will be stopping traffic at Greenville St. after crossing Greenville St, stay on the trail all the way until you reach the turn-a-round in Gardiner. Go around the cone and head back on the same course. The finish line for all races is back on Front Street in Augusta.

4. Half Marathon Relay participants: The first leg of the course begins at Front Street in Augusta, and heads up the hill on the new start of the trail and ends at Hannaford Parking lot in Gardiner (40 Main Avenue); where their relay partner will exchange be waiting to receive the timing chip and begin the second leg back to Frotn Street again. Racers running the second leg will have to make arrangements to get to the exchange area in Gardiner.

5. The race course is fully staffed to direct you in which way to go. The course closes at noon. Therefore it is important to note that all volunteers and water stops will no longer be provided for anyone still on the race course after noon.

6. Water and Gatorade Stations will be at Mile 2.25, 4.25, 5.75, 7.75, 9.25, and 11.25. Take water from the right side of the trail in the direction you are running. Please do not cross the path of runners coming from the opposite direction.

7. Some sections of the trail are narrow. Please stay to your right if runners are coming at you from the opposite direction.

8. If you need medical help, please let a volunteer know. They all will have cell phones and will call for emergency services.

9. Port-o-potty’s are located at Mile 3, Mile 6.5, Mile 10.5, and the finish line.

10. The start and finish for all races are approximately .25 miles apart as noted on the parking map; please plan accordingly.

11. Spectators – – there are many places along Route 201 where you can watch the racers:

a. Downtown Hallowell – many locations
b. Hallowell boat launch
c. Across from the KV Health club in Farmingdale
d. At the Hill Street access (just past the Agway)
e. At the Bowman Street access
f. At the Sheldon Street access
g. At the Gardiner turn-a-round

12. HAVE FUN!!!!!