Here are some rules of the road

This list is just common sense but just a few reminders of trail etiquette.

First and foremost, remember this trail works like a road.  So keep to the right and be aware that others might be passing you on the left.

Unofficial wording:

  • The trail is now a No Smoking Zone for everyone’s health, thanks
  • if your pet poops, blahh, please scoop it up…thanks
  • Pets must be leashed…sorry Rover, but that’s the rule.
  • if you are going fast, slow down when passing someone so your slipstream doesn’t blow them off the trail.  Thanks.
  •  If you are passing someone, ring a bell or call out so no one in front gets the living guts scared out of them….bells are great.
  • If you are wearing earbuds and running in the music zone, please still be aware of others who might be coming up behind you.
  • …and to avoid getting run over please stay toward the right…just like cars…and be aware others might be coming up behind.
  • This is Maine so as always be careful of slippery ice and snow.
  • Absolutely NO space shuttles, cars, buses, atv’s, motorcycles, power boats, jet skis or other non human powered contraptions, other than wheelchairs…thanks
  • If you see people raking, weedwhacking and doing other trail work, chances are they are of the species, trailus volunteerus so say hi and wish them well.  They keep the trail looking good.  You can join the volunteer list here.
  • Thanks

Official wording:

While using the Trail a few things to remember:

  • No motorized vehicles except wheelchairs
  • Hours of operation are from dawn to dusk
  • Pedestrians have right-of-way
  • Keep right so others can pass
  • Travel at speeds safe for conditions
  • Use Caution on ice and snow conditions
  • Fast user give audible signal when passing
  • Pets MUST be on leash (5ft or shorter)
  • Owners must clean up after their pet
  • Please do not smoke on the trail
  • Respect land owner’s privacy
  • Respect the beauty of the trail
  • Carry out trash
  • The trail is now a No Smoking Zone

Thanks, enjoy the trail.